The work on this website presents a selection from the last half of my four decades-long career as an artist.

 In my view, in spite of the diversity of my approaches, the work is united by my attempt to present a simplified yet intense composition. The work is cohesive in its color palette. It is held together by my effort to always evoke an image that goes beyond the materials and the subject matter. I strive to achieve a human element --- whether tangible or emotional.

It is with this evocation --- this extra something --- that I hope to invite viewers to lend their interpretations of what they see. They then add their stories, so to speak, to the story I am telling. I have always thought of this as “making the picture bigger.”

 Here is where connection happens: I, the artist, tell a partial story through my imagery, and the viewers complete the story with their responses

 When this happens, the true power of art is realized, and the universal is revealed.

 In some small way, I hope my work and my efforts have contributed in a positive way to this wonderful exploration that is art and life.